A new approach for the Old Scholars’ Association

Alumni Community Representatives are volunteers who create meaningful connections amongst the alumni community and with the School. Together we work across geographic locations, cohort years and different parts of our community work together to broaden and deepen connections amongst our community, foster and promote life-long connections, share stories, and advocate for the School and its Purpose and Concerns. Representatives span undertake the following roles functions:

  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Community support and outreach
  • Events and Awards
  • Membership & Data
  • Technology

In partnership with the School, our commitment to a vibrant reunion and events program continues. We also share stories and celebrate the achievements of community members.

In addition, we have an exciting list of focus areas for the next 12 months. We will be building our online community to connect with alumni globally, and identifying, establishing and supporting Friends’ Alumni Community groups and clubs.

As we move forward, we wish to acknowledge the tireless and vital work undertaken by all those involved in the Old Scholars’ Association since 1901. In a speech to guests at the 50+ Lunch held 1 March 2020, the work of all those involved in the Old Scholars’ Association was celebrated. You can read it here.