Policies and Guidelines at The Friends’ School usually arise from a need identified within the School or from government-mandated requirements. Policies exist as specific decisions or a set of cohesive decisions with a common long-term purpose affecting an aspect of school management. Guidelines are the framework for applying the policy. Policies and Guidelines are written and reviewed by senior staff, and ratified by the Principal’s Committee.

Policy and Guidelines documents of relevance and interest to the broader community are provided below.

The Friends' School COVID-19 Protocols and Measures

Please carefully review and read over The Friends’ School COVID-19 Protocol

This protocol explains how the School will coordinate a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.  It covers the key principles and the protocol is regularly updated.  Parents/guardians are asked to speak to their children before they return to school about the possibility of having to put a mask on if they are sick and report to the office.


Preventing the spread of  COVID-19
Please carefully review and read over The Friends’ School COVID-19 Risk Reduction Measures

There has been considerable work undertaken to enable a safe environment for our staff and students and this will be monitored and reviewed regularly over the coming days and weeks.  These measures have been put in place in line with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) guidelines and we seek your support in adhering to these procedures. First and foremost, it is crucial that your child is to stay away from School if feeling unwell.


Are you feeling unwell?
Please carefully review and read over the ‘Feeling Unwell, Stay at Home Flow Chart’

This flow chart has been developed to assist students and staff with the steps they should take if they are feeling unwell and may have COVID-19 symptoms. If a parent/guardian contacts a school office to notify that their child is unwell, could they please advise if their child has cold or flu-like symptoms.

Use of the Check-In Tas app is now mandatory. Visitors to the School or Friends Health & Fitness must check-in via the app.