Middle School

Middle School at Friends’ is for Years 7 & 8 and is located on the Argyle Street campus. The Middle School is home to 290 students in four houses (Hodgkin, Mather, Ransome, Unwin).

The Friends’ Middle School serves as a key stage in the academic, social and emotional growth of young adolescents.

It is a time to foster motivation, build resilience, support the transition into a more independent experience and prepare our young people for future success in an uncertain world.

We know that the neuroplasticity of the  adolescent brain allows for learning at a very rapid rate. This is a critical stage where the still developing brain is very receptive to acquiring new knowledge, skills and understandings. We know, too, that because of this developmental phase, adolescents also tend to be risk takers. So, just as important as the academic growth of our young people, is the social emotional development – with intentional instruction needed to support such things as good decision making, relationship building and conflict resolution.

To help students continue to want to learn, they need to feel safe and experience a sense of achievement as they grow as learners.

As educators we need to develop levels of challenge tailored to individual needs in order to create what could be called a “sequence of success” that encourages students to persist and persevere with their learning.

As well as engaging positively in the academic program, we encourage our students to participate fully in the life of the Middle School, including sports, music, clubs and service, where there are many opportunities for our students to grow as leaders.

With a shared vision and a set of values underpinned by the Purpose and Concerns, The Middle School will strive for excellence through:

  • Building trusting and respectful relationships with students, teachers and families;
  • Nurturing social and emotional wellbeing and fostering a strong sense of self;
  • Building an inclusive and connected community in a safe and supportive environment, through collaboration; and
  • Informed decision making which is evidence-based, to set clear goals and expectations.