Quaker Education

The School is named for the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as Quakers. Quaker values and practices influence every aspect of the School’s operations, in the context of modern society.

For example, our motto Nemo Sibi Nascitur, or ‘No-one is born for self alone’ encourages us to think of the needs of others and to give back to the local and global community through service activities. 

The School celebrates the academic success of our students, while still valuing the individual strengths and abilities of each child in our care.

The commitment to connecting with the good in each person and nurturing their ‘inner light’ is a central aspect of what makes a Friends’ education so special. The Quaker commitment to equality is also core to The Friends’ School and is demonstrated in the respectful relationships that develop between students and other members of the Friends’ community, including teachers, other staff members and each other.

Quakers also seek to follow a life informed by simplicity. A simple lifestyle is considered a source of strength, and it is also a timely reminder of the need for the earth’s resources to be shared more equitably and used more responsibly. At The Friends’ School, we ask our students to be mindful of living simply and consider ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’.

Meeting to sit in silence is core to Quakerism, and students and staff at Friends’ regularly sit together in silent reflection, enhancing the practice of stillness of mind and deep inward listening.