The Friends’ School aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience with fees that are fully inclusive of all aspects of your child’s education.

Our fees include the provision of an Apple Macbook Air Laptop computer or Apple Ipad for every student from Year 2 through to Year 12, along with the servicing, educational software, insurance and support that these devices require.

All materials, books and stationery for primary years’ students (to Year 6) are included in our fees structure along with costs for School camp, class excursions, outdoor education experiences and most co-curricular activities. The fees for Year 6 also include the annual trip to Canberra, which is provided to enhance a curriculum unit on government.

Additional Fees

The only compulsory additional fees for Friends’ School students are for a laptop bag which will be added to your fees statement.

Other additional fees may occur if a student chooses to pursue certain co-curricular activities such as private music tuition, particular sporting activities such as rowing, or for some significant materials that may be used in Design and Technology courses.

For those students who choose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Years 11 and 12, there is a registration and examination fee charged by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Fees Assistance

The School recognises that from time to time some families experience unexpected financial hardship that might prevent them from meeting their short term financial obligations to the School. As such, the Board of Governors has a Fees Assistance Committee consisting of Board members and Quakers from the local Quaker community to determine short term fees assistance to current School families.

In order to make a considered determination, the Fees Assistance Committee seeks detailed financial information (income confirmed by ATO tax information), assets (real property, automobiles, boats, etc.), possible support from extended family members, etc. from each family that asks for short term financial support. All financial information is kept strictly confidential. The Fees Assistance program is designed to assist families through a short term financial set-back due to serious illness, loss of job or other calamitous event. The Fees Assistance Committee is not charged with providing long term (multiple-year) support to students.

For those seeking short term Fees Assistance, please contact the Enrolment’s Manager, Jen Scharkie.