COVID-19 Information

At The Friends’ School, the safety, health and welfare of our students, staff, parents and community members remain our highest priority.

We ask our school community to show compassion and kindness towards those nearby as well as others in our society, while also caring for their own health.

Positive cases are to be notified to the School here.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, it is always important to stay informed of the latest information and updates on the Tasmanian State Government’s COVID-19 landing page

The Friends' School COVID-19 Safety Measures

Please carefully review the School’s COVID-19-related documents below:

For School-related COVID-19 concerns, please contact Mark Natoli | Risk and Compliance Manager.

COVID-19 Update - Thursday 18 May 2023

Message to families and students: Thursday 18 May 2023

The School has seen a continuing sharp increase in the number of students and staff with Covid-19 or Influenza/Cold illnesses on the Commercial Road campus.  Subsequently, it has been recommended, and in the best interest of community health and wellbeing, to ask all students, staff and visitors to wear face masks when indoors on the Commercial Road Campus from this Friday 19 May to Friday 26 May 2023 (inclusive).  We are trying to mitigate transmission of disease during this period of increased infections.

All staff and students are encouraged to provide their own personal face mask, however, the School will have a limited backup supply at the school offices. Years 11 and 12 students will be asked to wear a mask as well when they have a class on the Commercial Road Campus (Art, Foods, Drama, Design/Technology, etc.).

A reminder to please refer to and review the School’s Feeling Unwell, Stay at Home Flow Chart, which provides the information you need when managing Covid-19.

How can you help us get on top of the recent increase in Covid-19 and other illnesses?

  • Follow the mask wearing directive and advice when indoors

  • Encourage your child to maintain excellent personal hygiene – washing their hands thoroughly & covering their cough

  • Be mindful of others

  • Try to maintain some physical distancing

  • Use this eForm to notify The Friends’ School of a positive Covid-19 case

The School appreciates your ongoing cooperation as we support a healthy school environment. If there is anything you need to discuss regarding this arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact the Co-Heads of High School.

COVID-19 Case Notification

Please use this eForm to notify The Friends’ School of a positive COVID-19 case. The relevant School office will receive a copy of this form. Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation during this time.

Visiting Protocols

Friends Early Learning (FEL) – Parents/Guardians/Carers

  • Parents/Guardians/Carers can drop off and pick up their children in Friends Early Learning, maintaining appropriate physical distancing.
  • All FEL Parents/Guardians/Carers are required to continue using the Centre’s registration and pick-up process, which will register their visit.   
  • All visitors in attendance at school events are required to follow COVID-19 protocols regarding physical distancing and health measures, including mask wearing where applicable. 

K-12 School Campuses, The Farrall Centre, Friends Health & Fitness, School Shop, Bell Street Grounds and Rowing Sheds – all visitors, parents/guardians/carers, staff, volunteers and contractors

  • Parents/Guardians/Carers can drop off and pick up students on both campuses in designated areas, maintaining appropriate physical distancing
  • Any visitor (except staff or students) entering the School, for reasons other than for pick-up or drop-off of their child at the School, is also required to sign in using the electronic platform available at their nearest reception point.  These are located at the Main Reception and High School Office (Commercial Rd Campus), along with the Morris Office and Clemes Office (Argyle St Campus). The school electronic sign-in platform is for evacuation and child safeguarding purposes.
  • Parents and Guardians are also reminded to contact a teacher or Head of School via email or phone if they wish to arrange an on-campus meeting.
  • All visitors in attendance at school events are required to follow COVID-19 safety measures.


Support for Community Mental Health

The School Psychologists have put together a referral and resource webpage to support students with the current COVID-19 issue and more general health concerns.

A Tasmanian Lifeline

Lifeline Tasmania has set up a new service for Tasmanians, specifically to deal with the need for information, advice and support due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis line continues to be available for those with significant and ongoing mental health issues, including those having suicidal thoughts.


Headspace has also provided a valuable resource for families with information and tips to support the balance of online schooling and working from home.