Inaugural FAC Representatives Meeting | 17 February 2020

Posted on April 3, 2020

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural Alumni Community Representatives meeting was held on Monday 17 February 2020.

The newly named Friends’ Alumni Community (FAC) has replaced the Old Scholars’ Association and been broadened to encompass alumni and their families, former staff and volunteers, and friends of the School – wherever they are in the world. 

Membership is automatic – there is no application or membership fee. If you wish to receive updates about the activities of this group please ensure your details are up to date

Following are the main topics discussed at the meeting.


Flick Boucher (1989); Sam Cairnduff (1994); Jade Galbally (1995); Victoria, by phone; Andrew Kibbey (1995) Victoria, by phone; Lucy Loney (1988) (Acting Convener), Current Parent, Development Manager, The Friends’ School; Mary Woolnough (1969) Former Staff, Past Parent, Former OSA, Current Grandparent; Bill Avery, Director, Community Engagement, The Friends’ School; Nelson File, Principal, The Friends’ School.

Roly Hill (1959), Western Australia, Past Parent, Former Board Member, Current Grandparent, has volunteered to be an Interstate Representative in WA.

Topics discussed:

  • Introductions – Representatives collectively share skills across sports and clubs, horticulture, not-for-profits, marketing and communications, volunteering, governance and administration, survey and statistics, media production, music, small business, business development as well as knowledge and history of the former Old Scholars’ Association.
  • Mary Woolnough gave an account of the transition from the Old Scholars’ Association to the Friends’ Alumni Community. We formally noted our thanks to the OSA Committee for their efforts, wisdom and insight in supporting this transformation, and acknowledged the vital role the Old Scholars’ Association has played in the history of the School and its community since 1901. 
  • Nelson File, Principal, shared the current and future focus of the School and Bill Avery, Director of Community Engagement spoke about the current and future focus for Alumni Community engagement.
  • Projects and priorities were discussed that would support the School and the alumni community. 
  • Immediate priorities include acknowledging and celebrating the contribution by all involved in the OSA; sharing the purpose and vision for the newly formed FAC; and inviting community members to comment and have input moving forward. 
  • Other focus areas include developing our capacity to share stories about our alumni community, and identifying events and activities that will create meaningful connections amongst our community. 
  • Also discussed was the value of nominating additional Representatives who can support the projects and priorities discussed, appointing a former staff member and inviting the Head Boy and Head Girl from the year prior to participate as Representatives for 12 months or longer.

Four Representative meetings are held each year with the remainder for 2020 currently scheduled for:

  • Monday 11 May
  • Monday 3 August
  • Monday 26 October

If you would like to submit an idea, activity, project or event for consideration at the next meeting, or just give your comment on this new group, please submit it to:

Lucy Loney (Ogilvie) (1988), Acting Convener

Or get in touch with any of the Reps:

Lucy Loney (Ogilvie) (1988) (Acting Convener)

Flick Boucher (1989)

Sam Cairnduff (1994)

Mary Woolnough (1969)

Interstate Representatives:

Jade Galbally (1995), Melbourne

Andrew Kibbey (1995), Melbourne

Roly Hill (1959), Western Australia

International Representatives:

Roger Stilwell (1956), British Columbia, Canada