Friends’ Alumni Community Reps Meeting | Monday 22 June, 2020

Posted on July 3, 2020

Summary of Meeting

The Alumni Reps met on Monday 22 June, 2020 by Zoom video conference. The Reps acknowledged the challenges facing our community as a result of COVID-19 and discussed a number of community initiatives to support meaningful engagement amongst community members, and with the School.

Lucy Loney (‘98) (Acting Convener), Flick Boucher (‘89), Sam Cairnduff (‘94), Jade Galbally (‘95), Mary Woolnough (‘69), Bill Avery, Director of Community Engagement, Nelson File, Principal.

Roly Hill (‘59); Andrew Kibbey (‘95).

Topics discussed:
Principal Nelson File shared the current and future of the School including his recent Principal’s Address to the Association. Bill Avery shared the current and future focus for Alumni community engagement. 

The following alumni community initiatives were adopted and supported by the Reps:

  • Care and concern calls to community members who may be more socially isolated at this challenging time; 
  • The development of the Alumni LinkedIn community; 
  • The establishment of a global Alumni Community Business Directory; 
  • The establishment of a Friends’ Club in Hobart for local and visiting alumni community members; and 
  • The continued sourcing and sharing of Friends’ stories.

The Reps noted that additional representation in this group from alumni community members from leaving classes of 2005 to 2015 would be of immense value, particularly community members with skills and aptitude in social media.

Next Meeting: Monday 3 August 2020

Your Ideas: Got a great idea? Ready to tell your Friends’ story? Please get in touch!
Lucy Loney (Ogilvie) (1988) (Acting Convener)
Flick Boucher (1989)
Sam Cairnduff (1994)
Jade Galbally (1995), Melbourne
Roly Hill (1959), Western Australia
Andrew Kibbey (1995), Melbourne
Roger Stilwell (1956), British Columbia, Canada
Mary Woolnough (1969)

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