Digital technologies play an important part in student learning.

The Friends’ School has extensive information computing technology (ICT) facilities, with students from Kindergarten having access to shared computing devices, where they gain a basic understanding of computers and their functions.

In Year 3 students have access to their own dedicated iPad which supports their learning in a variety of ways (i.e. learning games, languages support and as an information resource). This builds a solid foundation of understanding and respect for computing devices that prepares them for life in secondary school.

From Year 7 through to Year 12, students are provided with a personal Mac Laptop which they will use to complete the majority of their assignments and other learning tasks. The School believes that a high level of computer literacy is vital for students learning, as it will greatly benefit them for university study and when entering the workforce.


We recognise the place of personal technologies (such as mobile phones and smart-watches) in the lives of our students and encourage them to use these in an appropriate way within the school environment and in accordance with the School’s ethos.