Our philosophy

Embracing the School’s Purpose & Concerns, the Friends’ Early Learning philosophy supports children to develop their ability to think clearly, embrace a global perspective, act with integrity, be kind and helpful to others, understand the value of honesty and become people who care about the world around them and seek to make a difference.

We believe

  • Children come to Friends’ Early Learning already alive with curiosity and the wonder of learning. They are competent, creative, rich in potential, critical thinkers and capable problem-solvers.
  • Children’s development thrives in an environment of respectful relationships; each child is recognised as unique, knowledgeable and connected to the community in meaningful ways.
  • Play is the foundation of all learning; through playful inquiry, children build understanding with others, discover new concepts and work through complex ideas.
  • Language development forms the fundamental building blocks of learning and is fostered through a myriad of engaging experiences.
  • Mathematics is an essential strategy for thinking about, understanding and describing the world.
  • Positive relationships, a sense of belonging, social and self-management skills are nurtured by inclusive learning communities.
  • Well-being thrives when children experience positive emotions, engage in a wide range of experiences, develop meaningful relationships with others and are encouraged to take action on their learning.
  • The development of children’s physical wellbeing is essential.
  • Stimulating, flexible and resource-rich learning environments activate learning.
  • Teachers are researchers, continually developing their understanding of children, childhood and learning processes.
  • Listening is a fundamental strategy for understanding children’s learning and development; educators observe, document and reflect on children’s engagement with the program and their approaches to learning in order to plan ways forward.
  • Collaboration between educators, children and families anchors our practice in open and trusting relationships.