Our philosophy

In line with The Friends’ School’s Purpose & Concerns, at Friends’ Early Learning we aim to help children to develop into people who think clearly, are kind and helpful to others, are honest and who care about the world around them.

Our values

  • We endeavour to keep administrative tasks (such as paperwork staff admin duties) simple, so that our carers can remain focussed on the children’s wellbeing and learning.
  • The Early Learning environment has a simple layout that uses colours and hues inspired by nature, utilising natural, renewed, reused and recycled resources, where possible.
  • We promote simple, healthy eating by encouraging the consumption of nutritionally balanced food, encouraging less single-use packaging and growing produce as a learning activity.
  • We aim to value the spirit over material object by encouraging families to share  items from their home that are of cultural, developmental, emotional, sentimental or spiritual importance to their child in preference to recently purchased toys and consumer items.
Peace & Justice
  • We foster the development of conflict resolution skills through using conflict between children as a learning opportunity and seeking simple solutions to problems or disagreements.
  • We promote a sense of peace and calmness for the children within the learning environment by creating calming rooms and outdoor spaces with areas for resting and quiet. We also schedule “quiet time” each day, so that children learn how to be still.
  • We aim to nurture each child’s moral compass by encouraging honesty, being honest about our own feelings when speaking with children and by cultivating inner motivation not driven by reward.
  • We set high expectations with regard to acceptable and respectful behaviour in all forms of communication between children, parents and colleagues.
  • We connect with our local community by planning activities that enable children to engage with community events, including promoting Brightside Farm Sanctuary in our yearly curriculum and donating resources to charity when the centre no longer needs them.
  • We plan activities that encourage family participation in the life of our centre, such as parent help rosters and our annual christmas party.
  • We create a safe and nurturing atmosphere where children can feel safe to share, ask questions and make mistakes, and listen to other people’s thoughts without judgement or comment.
  • We celebrate our rich community, made up of many cultures ensuring our resources reflect a broad and inclusive spectrum of the global community and we invite members of various nationalities to contribute to our curriculum
  • We value the worth of each child by understanding that each child is a capable learner, while celebrating the process of learning, rather than the finished product.
  • We understand that each family is an expert on their child and that their views and opinions of each family are important.
  • We nurture a sense of stewardship for the earth and its inhabitants by teaching children to take care of what has been given, not just for ourselves, but for those around us.
  • We promote environmental and social sustainability by teaching children to appreciate their world through scientific inquiry, artistic expression, outdoor education, outdoor adventures and exposure to natural resources.
  • We protect and care for the earth by recycling, reusing and composting whenever possible and reducing the amount of energy and water we consume.