Each year we welcome young adult volunteers from around the world into our community on gap year placements.

The volunteers in this program carry out a diverse range of tasks that support our curricular and co-curricular programs across Kindergarten to Year 12.  Volunteers assist staff and students in classrooms and in specialist activities in music, dance, drama, art, technology, languages, sport and outdoor education as well as attending camps and excursions.

Our gap placement volunteers undertake a training and induction program on commencement which includes first aid and CPR training.  Accommodation and meals are provided for the duration of the placement, along with a modest allowance.  Accommodation is in a school residence with an individual bedroom assigned to each volunteer and access to shared living spaces, kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Yannick & Anna

Working as a volunteer at Friends comes with great responsibility and self-organisation, but also coming into a loving and caring environment. One of the things we loved about working at Friends were all the great excursions and Camps. These come in a variety of activities and throughout the age groups. It is a great opportunity to bond with the students and teachers. With those trips, you´ll be taken to different parts of Tassie, which gives you a good overview of the beautiful island.

The house we had to ourselves was another thing that made our time at Friends unforgettable. We had the time to bond with each other and make new friends. We learned to be more independent and organized. This was also a great spot to get together with other volunteers from the area, or just to spend a nice evening together laughing and playing cards. It really gave us a feeling of community.

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The impact of COVID-19 with GAP placements

Due to COVID-19, GAP applications are suspended until further notice.

If you have any questions please contact enquiries@friends.tas.edu.au

Tolga & Beth

Living with other Gappies in a shared home is also a great experience and teaches you to make compromises, be patient and solve basic everyday problems. Besides practical skills you also learn a lot about yourself during a Gap Year. Friends’ gives you so much freedom and supports you in the discovery of your personality. I personally developed myself a lot, I found out new personality traits which I didn’t know I had. Every challenge I faced and accomplished during that year made me stronger as a person and proved to me what I am capable of.

My year in Australia was the most life-changing year of my life, and that came with experiences that I couldn’t ever repeat with places I visited, experiences I had and people I met along the way. If you are wanting to take the opportunity to grow and understand yourself better whilst creating incomparable memories and friendships, Friends’ is the place for you!

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