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Co-Curricular Handbook

The Friends’ School offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities as an important adjunct to the academic program. We encourage all students to participate in at least one sport and to take part in some musical, dramatic, cultural and service activities.

We have a dynamic music program with many opportunities for ensemble work in strings, brass, voice and percussion. We also offer individual music tutelage outside of our regular school programs. Students also have the opportunity to work on School Musicals either as a cast member, back stage or as part of the band.

Co-curricular activities enrich our academic program.

The Year 7 – 12 Co-Curricular Program provides a range of valuable educational experiences in addition to those provided by the School’s formal curriculum.

Co-curricular activities are broadly grouped and described under the headings of Sport, Music, Service, and Enrichment and Extension.

We encourage all students to participate in at least one sport and to take part in some musical, dramatic, cultural or service activities.

Each student from Years 7-12 is encouraged to undertake at least 10 hours of school or community service each year.


The Friends’ School provides its students with opportunities to participate in a variety of social and competitive sports in accordance with the Purpose and Concerns statement of the School.


We believe that sport assists students in the development of:

  • physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • an understanding and appreciation of game skills and strategies
  • self-esteem and a desire for personal excellence
  • lifelong social and recreational skills
  • values such as honesty and integrity, justice, commitment and responsibility.

Current sporting options include Athletics, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Country, Equestrian, Hockey, Netball, Orienteering, Rowing, Sailing (view sailing handbook here), Soccer, Softball, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Underwater Hockey and Water Polo.


We have many musical opportunities spanning voice, strings, percussion, brass and wind instruments. We offer group and individual music options.


Playing & Performance

There are four strands to the program: Bands, String Ensembles, Choral singing and Marimba playing. We are one of the few schools in Australia offering a Chinese Music Ensemble, providing students with the opportunity to learn traditional Chinese instruments.

We have strong links with local and interstate organisations and artists, enriching the experience of our student musicians. Recent highlights have been visits from Meg Corson, Jo Quail, BJ Brooks and The Kettering Piano Quartet. These artists have worked closely with our students, providing valuable experiences to enrich their musical experience.

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

As part of the School’s co-curricular music program students may also learn to play an instrument or sing. We employ over 30 highly experienced tutors, providing weekly one-to-one lessons on an instrument and / or voice.

High School and Clemes students involved in the co-curricular music program are eligible to apply for Music Awards towards the end of the school year. The awards exist to recognise musical ability, commitment and service to music.


We encourage students to give back to their community by participating in Service activities. We offer a varied selection of service opportunities and our Service Coordinator is available to help students organise their own service activities outside the school where needed.

Some more popular service activities include daffodil picking (for the Cancer Council), button-selling, working with the Southern Support School, volunteering with Louis’ Van or the Edmund Rice camp and raising money (usually through cake stalls or similar) for various charities.

Enrichment & Extension

Finally, we have many other engaging co-curricular activities including debating, the Da Vinci Decathlon, the Mathematics Challenge, The Senior (years 9 – 12) or Junior (Years 5 – 8) musicals and chess. We also offer a variety of clubs including woodworking, Minecraft and Shakespeare club.