Subject Support study line.

For those with clearly identified additional educational needs there is a study line called Subject Support.

This is designed to underpin the core curriculum. We recognise that High School students want to achieve success regardless of their difficulties and that support needs to be offered in the context of the broader curriculum. It is important that students do not experience their difficulties as an additional burden but something to be managed within their main studies.

The aim in Subject Support is to have groups small enough to guarantee 1:1 student to teacher time and individualised programming.

Subject Support is delivered by specialist Learning Support teachers who liaise closely with subject teachers, the student and their parents; the aim is to develop working partnerships.

In class support.

In addition to the Subject Support timetabled line, the School offers ‘in class’ support.

Learning Support Assistants, often qualified teachers themselves, go into classrooms to provide help to any student needing extra assistance.

Mathematics, Science and Humanities are targeted and both the Mathematics and English departments also provide additional support to classes. We recognise that the journey through High School is a challenge for most students, not just those with clearly identified needs and if a Learning Support Assistant is in a class, they will work with any student requiring help. The focus is upon building opportunities for success.

Learning Support provided by other students.

Lastly, Learning Support is provided by other students.

The school has an active Student Mentor program. Students who feel that they have a strength in a particular subject area can volunteer to assist another student to build confidence and skills.

Learning Support staff are based in the Student Centre, a recently refurbished listed building in the school’s grounds.

There are two classrooms, suited to the small Subject Support classes and the office of the school’s psychologist/counsellor as well as the study for Learning Support teachers and assistants.

The space is also used by a variety of groups within the school’s community during lunchtimes or before and after school.


Yourtutor is an online interactive homework support service to which the school subscribes. It provides an ‘out of hours’ individualised connection to specialist tutors who respond to queries that arise whilst doing homework. The service is available six evenings a week from 3.00pm until 10.00pm, including school holidays. The service provides support for all subject areas and is suitable for all levels.