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All students from Kindergarten to Year 12 must wear The Friends’ School uniform as prescribed in the handbook for the relevant section of the school.  School Shop staff are able to assist you with the fitting and purchasing of uniform requirements during the back to school period and throughout the year.

The Friends’ School Shop is the only authorised retailer of The Friends’ School uniform.  The full range of uniform requirements, excluding shoes, are available at the Shop.

New Rugby Top 

The School is pleased to provide new rugby tops available for purchase at our School Shop for K to 12 students.
The tops have been introduced after extensive consultation with parents, which included a feedback survey and an opportunity to review the fabric options.  Thanks to everyone who provided valuable input.
This new rugby top is warmer, has more stretch (so is easier for younger children to put on and take off), has reinforced elbows, cuffs and bands for added durability and is less susceptible to fading.
Manufactured in Tasmania, the new rugby top is the same look at the current top (so no need to change over right away) but is made from machine washable, software wool with the traditional collar and stretch cuffs
Price: $85 to $95 (depending on size)
Make: Tastex – Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms is a premium, local manufacturer of knitwear for schools and colleges Australia wide
Sizes & ages: Kindergarten to Year 12


  • When do the new tops arrive? The new tops are now in stock in the School Shop – please see our open hours.
  • Is this new Rugby Top available for all students? Yes, it’s available for all students at The Friends’ School.
  • Do these new Rugby Tops replace the previous Rugby Tops? The new rugby tops will replace the version previously available in the School Shop. However, students are not obligated to change to the new tops.  The previous rugby tops may still be worn, but will only be available via secondhand purchasing.

Recycling Your Uniform
The Shop recycles used uniform by holding it for resale on behalf of parents.  Commission is deducted from the sales proceeds and half the commission amount is donated directly to the Parents and Friends Association with the other half being used to cover the processing costs.  Full terms and conditions are detailed on the second hand lodgement form which can be downloaded from the link at the right of this page.  Hard copies are also available from the School Shop.  A lodgement form is required each time garments are deposited at the Shop.

The Shop also accepts donations of uniform to the Parents and Friends Association or the Refugee and Bursary Assistance fund.

Payment Methods
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Mastercard, Visa or debit card accepted by eftpos. Parents who are unable to shop in person may phone the Shop and arrange payment by credit card, or by a crossed cheque, made out to The Friends’ School. 

Alternatively, items may be selected by students and held at the Shop until payment is received. Once receipted, the order can be collected from the Shop, any School office or Friends’ Early Years.  Contact the Shop for further details.

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