The Friends’ School’s continued commitment to positive educational outcomes is evidenced by our low student to teacher ratio, academic excellence and the investment in our staff and services to support our students’ individual needs. This commitment to support students to be positive contributing members of society, driven by our shared values through the School’s Purpose and Concerns and learning philosophy, sets Friends’ apart.

In order to deliver on the School’s Purpose and Concerns and ensure we successfully educate and prepare our students for the changing world, the School’s Board has defined areas of strategic responsibility.

These seven areas of strategic responsibility and aspirational goals provides a roadmap for the future at Friends’.  The strategic areas were developed through staff consultation in late 2018 and adopted by the Board of Governors in April 2019.

Our Purpose & Concerns

The Friends’ School is a coeducational Quaker school based on fundamental values such as the intrinsic worth of each person, the recognition of ‘that of God’ in everyone, the desirability of simplicity and the need to establish peace and justice.

As a learning community, we are concerned for the academic, cultural, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of each person in our care.

We seek to help our students develop as people who will think clearly, act with integrity, make decisions for themselves, be sensitive to the needs of others and the environment, be strong in service and hold a global perspective.

We believe that these aims can best be achieved with the active support of all members of our School community.

Areas of Board Strategic Responsibilities

We will advance the growth and development of students through a shared responsibility for leadership, exemplary teaching and engaging learning experiences within the aims of our Purpose and Concerns.

We will ensure that Quaker practices and values are embedded in the School’s culture and that all decisions are guided by our Purpose and Concerns.

We will engage and support our people and provide a safe and inclusive environment that promotes professional growth and positive well-being.

We will actively build social capital and ensure meaningful engagement with students, parents, staff, Old Scholars, Quakers and the local, national and global community.

We will ensure that the physical and organisational structures of the School are developed to transform and promote learning and wellbeing.

We will adhere to fiscally responsible and ethical decision-making processes in order to ensure the School’s long-term financial sustainability.

We will ensure governance best practices: incorporating listening closely for discernment, speaking constructively and seeking unity.