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A gift to The Friends’ School in your Will can provide students for years to come with the opportunities and benefits that are unique to a Friends’ education. Bequestors are creating a pipeline of philanthropic support, which, over decades, will ensure the School can continue to achieve its vital role and purpose. It is a way for you to give to the School that may not be possible during your lifetime. A gift in your Will, known as a bequest, provides you with the opportunity to support The Friends’ School once your needs, and those of your loved ones, have been met. A gift in your Will can support the School as a whole, a scholarship, a specific program, a co-curricular area, building projects, a particular campus or other areas of interest.

By making a bequest in your Will, you will not only be creating a significant and lasting legacy to The Friends’ School, you will leave an enduring impact on the next generation of Friends’ School students without impacting on your present financial circumstances.

Wills are the pillar of estate planning and we recommend that you take appropriate advice (legal, financial, etc.) when writing a new Will or amending your Will (through a codicil) and inform your family of your wishes and intention.

There are many options available for you to decide how your bequest can be shaped. You may wish to include a portion of your estate or a specific sum of money. You may have stocks or shares, real estate or particular works of art. Alternatively, you may wish to fund a new scholarship, a classroom or science laboratory.

After you have decided to include The Friends’ School in your Will we would like to ask you to make your bequest intention known to us, whereupon you will be invited to join a special group of Friends – Friends for Furtherance.

As a member of this group, your commitment to the School will be honoured with unique functions associated with School that are of specific interest to you – such as special Assemblies, lectures, art shows and music recitals. We will happily acknowledge your wish to remain anonymous and can ensure your presence at these events remains confidential.

The Friends School recently received a generous Bequest from Frances Parson. Frances was a Principal of Jane Franklin Hall and PLC Armidale. She created a vibrant, international community of learning at both schools. During her spiritual journey, Frances found a home with Quakers. She was a true seeker, and in her later years, she commented that while she believed fewer things, she believed in them more deeply. We thank Frances for her generous Bequest.

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