The Friends' School


The Friends’ School Co-curricular Program
provides a range of valuable educational experiences for students from Years 3–12 in addition to those provided by the School’s formal curriculum.

Co-curricular activities are broadly grouped and described under the headings of Sport, Music, Service, and Enrichment and Extension.

We encourage all students to participate in at least one sport (but no more than two at any one time) and to take part in some musical, dramatic, cultural and service activities.

Each student from Year 7-12 is encouraged to undertake at least 10 hours of School or community service each year.

We ask parents to assist their child or children in maintaining a sensible balance between their academic and co-curricular commitments.

The success of our co-curricular program depends on the support, skills and services of parents, particularly in the sporting area, and we ask that parents offer some assistance where possible.

World Challenge Nepal 2020

Year 11 students in 2020 at The Friends’ School are invited to experience a student-led adventure in Nepal.
When: November/December 2020
Who: 10 to 14 Year 11 students (in 2020), along with World Challenge staff and two Friends staff
Where: Himalayan capital, Nepal

This is no ordinary school trip. World Challenge believes in empowering young people to be brave, curious and compassionate through extraordinary travel experiences. Your four-week expedition is entirely student-led. Take the lead and guide your peers and teachers through your own itinerary, step outside your comfort zone and spark greater possibility in yourselves and those around you.

For more information, to inquire or apply online, please visit the World Challenge adventure website



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