The curriculum at Clemes offers students three different pathway options: 

  • the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme,
  • the Tasmania Certificate of Education and
  • Vocational Education and Training programs.

In all pathways, students work in a supportive learning environment with direct access to their teachers and support staff. 

As an Apple Distinguished School, all students work with the latest technology with an integrated one-to-one laptop program and have access to after hours online support in their studies through the Studiosity network.

IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)

The IBDP is a two-year programme taught in 153 countries and has been offered at Friends’ for 25 years. The IBDP comprises internal and external assessment that prepares students for many pathways, especially university entrance. The Diploma Programme has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students and is recognised by Australian and international universities. Students will study a broad range of disciplines which will include their first language, an additional language, the social sciences, the experimental sciences and mathematics. They may also choose to study subjects from the Arts. In addition to the academic curriculum, students will engage in a course of Theory of Knowledge, complete an Extended Essay and develop their own program of Creativity, Activity, Service.

TCE (Tasmanian Certificate of Education)

The TCE offers an extensive variety of subjects from the eight learning areas of Arts, English, Health, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology. At Clemes we provide a wide range of these TASC (Office of Tasmanian Standards, Assessment and Certification) accredited subjects and we offer a variety of both non pre-tertiary and pre-tertiary subjects. Pre-tertiary subjects are those that can be combined to achieve an ATAR which is recognised for entry at Australian and international universities. Students undertaking a TCE pathway at Friends’ can combine their TASC subjects with VET courses or University of Tasmania Connections Programs should they wish.


There are several nationally recognised VET courses on offer which are designed to give students access to practical learning opportunities alongside their TCE studies. At Clemes, we offer  Certificate II in Kitchen Operations, Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation and Certificate III in Fitness. We can provide opportunities for students to undertake VET courses that are tailored to students’ specific needs and interests through our individual VET programs which are through self-directed, supported online study which may include Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Business or Allied Health Assistance. Successful completion of all VET courses will contribute credit points towards the TCE Certificate with points varying dependent on individual courses.