Training & Racing commitments (U13-U15’s / U16 – Opens)

Rowing generally occurs during Term 4 and Term 1.
Training location is at The Friends’ Boatshed – Lallaby Rd, Lutana.
Training is a mixture of before and after school sessions as well as Saturday mornings. Training is also a mixture of on-water and land sessions (fitness, Ergo technique)

A school morning bus service is provided for any morning training to ensure students arrive at school on time.

U13, U14 & U15 Rowers

The focus of this age group is the sculling movement using these boats: single, double & quad sculls.

These groups will generally compete in the following regatta’s:

  • All School Regattas (including Tas Schools Championships)
  • Head of River
U16 Rowers

The focus of this age group is to develop and increase opportunities for both sculling category (single, double, quad) and sweep category (pairs, fours, eights). They will also attend our Rowing Camp (January)

This group will compete in the following regatta’s:

  • All School Regattas (including Tas Schools Championships)
  • Head of River
  • up to 3 State Club Regattas (including State Club Championships)
Open Rowers (Yr11/12)

This age group is presented with many opportunities across boats and competitions. A focus for this group is to develop them into a leadership role to maintain a supportive and positive culture for the School’s Rowing Program. This group will also attend the Rowing Camp (January).

This group will compete in the following regatta’s:

  • All School Regattas (including Tas School Championships)
  • Head of River
  • Rowing Tasmania State Club Regattas (including State Club Championships)

This group will have a wonderful opportunity to attend the National Rowing Championships (March/April)

Boatshed Location (Lallaby Road)

The school boatshed is located at the end of Lallaby Rd, Lutana. Through volunteer work by members of Friends’ Rowing, along with support from the School, the sheds have been redeveloped and need to be maintained. We welcome parents/families to come inside for a tea/coffee while watching and waiting for their child to complete training.

The boats and equipment within the sheds are the result of ongoing fundraising efforts. Therefore, please be aware to take much care of the equipment to ensure everyone can continue to utilise these items well into the future.

  • No students are permitted in the sheds without appropriate adult supervision
  • Changerooms are located for students on the first floor. Adults are encouraged to make use of the toilets on the ground floor
  • Use of ergometers and exercise bikes can be used, yet under supervision of coaches
  • Breakfast is held upstairs after any early morning training (a bus will transport students to school shortly afterwards)

Regatta Venues

Lake Barrington International Rowing Course (LBI)

Located 15 minutes from the township of Sheffield in the North West. Entrance to the course is off ‘Staverton Road’ (right next to the Tazmazia tourist venue).

Allow approximately 3.5 hours drive from Hobart to get there. Travel to Sheffield either through Railton or Kimberley, the route is well signposted. When you get to Sheffield, travel straight through the town centre. After 1km turn left at the intersection. The road takes you through West Kentish and Roland (approximately 12km). You will drive along Staverton Road, the turn down to LBI. This is a very windy road (approximately 3km).


As most regattas at LBI are across 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), there is an option to camp. This is permitted by Rowing Tasmania. Many people do this and seem to enjoy it! There are no designated areas for schools or groups, so you simply find your own space or arrange an area with other families you know. Facilities are excellent with showers (2 X $1 coins will allow you a 4 minute shower). There is no power to the camping area and no cooking facilities, so if you plan to cook or boil water for hot drinks, bring a gas stove (no fires allowed). The water at the Lake needs boiling.

Not Camping

There are many accommodation options, which do not involve camping, around Sheffield or within 30 minutes of the rowing course.

Lake Barrington Kiosk

This opens early each day and allows for many options with coffee, snack and breakfast/lunch options – pies, rolls, toasted sandwiches, drinks etc. Schools take turns to staff this with parent volunteers.

Reeconian Centre

This is a common area that provides students with a quiet area to relax/complete study. WIFI is available with desks, chairs, and power outlets for charging.

Huon River, Franklin

Franklin is a small township on the banks of the Huon River. It is 30 minutes from Hobart or just 10 minutes past Huonville. Regattas are held across two days, yet camping is not considered an option given the close proximity to Hobart for many. The regatta kiosk is run through the Huon Rowing Club and provides snacks/lunch items along with tea/coffee.

Rowing Levy

The Rowing Program is a significant and important component of The Friends’ School’s co-curricular program.

To put the size of the Rowing Program into perspective, approximately 10% of all students attending the School take part in the program.

Funding for the Rowing Program is via three streams:

  • Donations
  • Rowing Levies
  • School budget allocations

The Rowing Levy will be invoiced with both the Term 1 and Term 2 tuition invoices. Term 1 will be 50% of the Rowing Levy, with the balance (remaining 50%) payable in Term 2.  Any additional charges (e.g. camps, gym and National events) will be included with the Term 2 tuition invoice. No sibling or early payment discounts apply.


Volunteers & Coaching

Coaching is an incredibly important part to maintaining the rowing program. Coaches play an important role in mentoring, guiding and teaching students rowing skills and life skills through this sport. Anyone wishing to volunteer in programs run by The Friends’ School need to be approved by the School.

Please complete all sections of this form to register your interest.

Once submitted, the application will be reviewed and once approved, you will be invited to complete an induction. If you have questions about this process, please contact the school (p: 6210 2200). The person volunteering will receive an automated response once their volunteer registration has been approved.


Your donation is supporting Friends’ School Rowing (this is a tax deductible donation).
This donation maintains the fleet of boats in the shed (and any new boat purchases).
All rowing boats are purchased through fundraising and donations only.

Did You Know Your Donation to This Project is Tax Deductible?
The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects on our website are tax deductible. Shortly after making your donation, you’ll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return. If you have any questions about your donation, please visit this page



Training Nutrition

Rowing requires a unique mix of technique, power and endurance. Adolescent rowers have particularly high energy and carbohydrate requirements to support the physical demands of training and growth.

  • Carbohydrate – the body’s preferred fuel. Intake before and after exercise is important.
  • Protein – required to assist in the repair and recovery after exercise and ensure optimal growth.

Other things to consider….

  1. Hydration Strategies – drink regularly during and after exercise to prevent negative effects associated with dehydration and performance
  2. Competition Nutrition – go into each race with fluid and fuel stores topped up, and feeling comfortable after their last meal
  3. Supplements – sports bars or sports drinks are a good option at competitions


We are proud of who we are at Friends’ Rowing. Having our students identify as part of our community is important to us whether it be training on the Derwent, walking around at regattas or on the water racing. ​

Students should wear school sports uniform at regattas. When racing, it is important that a crew is in matching school rowing uniform.

Under 14’s to Opens are required to wear a zoot suit (or zootie) for regattas/racing.  These are available from the School Shop. For warmth, students may wear the rowing training top or thermals.

Under 13 crews wear the school polo shirts and sports shorts for regattas/races.

What should you bring to training?:

We are an outdoor sport and subject to the weather – sometimes, training may not be possible if the water is too rough.

Always bring these items along to training: Zootie, shorts and top, hat, Socks (to be worn in the boat),​ waterbottle, Runners (for land sessions), sunscreen, Towel, Change of Clothes (always have spare in your bag).

Uniform Guidelines

As per school uniform guidelines, all school curricular and co-curricular activities, must be approved by the School’s Uniform Committee.  No additional or specific school uniform item is to be organised without permission from the School Uniform Committee. This includes specific items for Open Crews or specific rowing regattas.  Uniform requests and proposals submitted to the Uniform Committee are then recommended to the Principal’s Committee for final approval.   The convenor of the Uniform Committee is Bill Avery, Director of Community Engagement.

Registrations (Rowing Tasmania) – how does this work?

Every rower is required to be registered with Rowing Tasmania. The school will manage this for you, with the payment being added into your School Rowing Levy.

  • $60 for school regatta’s only (U13 – U15)
  • $100 for school & club regatta’s (U16-Open)

The Head of Rowing will communicate with Rowing families in relation to registration.