The Friends' School

Pastoral Care

WalkerHse_2015_0192 smallerWhile we seek to establish a home-away-from-home environment, no attempt is made to replace the role of parents as the primary carers who are responsible for their child.

Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with their child and to visit Walker House whenever they are in Hobart.

We strive to:

  • recognise and foster the individual talents and potential of each student;
  • encourage students to participate actively in the academic, social, cultural and recreational aspects of our residential community;
  • help students grow towards maturity with developing confidence, self discipline and integrity;
  • guide students towards responsible and independent decision making, in accordance with Quaker values;
  • establish effective study and work patterns.


The Quaker values outlined in the Purpose and Concerns statement encourage the development of self-discipline, respect and tolerance in all members of the residential community. Courtesy and consideration are expected at all times to help build a positive social environment. Standards of behaviour in Walker House are determined for the benefit and welfare of all. Students are expected to observe daily routines and to contribute to the community by conscientiously completing their share of household chores. All normal school rules apply in the residences.

Pastoral Care

In partnership with school staff, residential staff endeavour to meet the pastoral care needs of students and to build protective factors that will promote student development. We want boarding students to feel happy, comfortable and secure. All members of the residential community contribute to building a strong sense of community. A culture of sharing and mutual respect is fostered. Peer support is encouraged and students are actively involved in decision making about matters that affect their daily lives.

Caring for each other is an integral part of life in the residences. Induction processes for new boarders help them to learn coping strategies to deal with the changes in their lifestyle but students are urged to share any concerns that they may have with a member of staff or another student. Close contact is maintained with school staff regarding the health and wellbeing, personal and social development and academic progress of each student. The Director or Assistant Director of Residence will contact parents about any matters of concern regarding their child and parents should not hesitate to contact staff with any concerns.


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