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Road Safety Taskforce

Please watch our road safety videos here for important messages for all users of our roads.

The Road Safety Taskforce is an initiative of The Friends’ School. In 2016, under the guidance of Dean of Students Anne Lynch, a group of Clemes students came together in response to the need for better traffic management around the school.

The aim of the Taskforce is to increase awareness of our responsibility as a community to create safer roads around our school and the broader community.

The Road Safety Taskforce slogan is If not for you, for them!

The slogan was developed by 2016 Leaver Morgan Davis when he considered the effect he was having on others when he made a dangerous dash across Argyle Street to save time. These people included the drivers using Argyle Street, the teachers who hold themselves responsible for students’ actions and the younger children who look up to older students and adults as role models. Morgan called upon Clemes students to consider the effect they were having on others first, and now we call upon you, our broader school community, to consider the same.

Work of the Taskforce

The Taskforce initially focused on traffic congestion in Boa Vista Road and Argyle Street during peak times. We felt strongly about this issue as it had significant consequences for Morris and Clemes students, as well as surrounding residents. We considered this area to be our greatest concern as we have our youngest and most vulnerable children sharing the roads with our least experienced drivers, the Clemes students.

Along with a number of Friends’ School staff, the Taskforce met to discuss possible traffic management solutions and campaign strategies. This led to a highly successful Clemes Assembly featuring four guest speakers who shared their experiences and knowledge on road safety – Craig Hoey, Paramedic Diana Warner, Sergeant Craig Krelle and former Friends’ Parent Dr Andrew Climie who works in the Emergency Department of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

We strongly encourage you to watch these videos, which provide compelling reasons to actively consider behaviour on the road and safety around roads. The Taskforce also created a design for a flyer to be distributed to Morris Students.

The Road Safety Taskforce launched the official Friends’ School road safety flyer at a Morris Assembly. Each Morris family will receive a copy of this flyer, with the hope that this will encourage parents to think about their behaviour on the road and discuss road safety with their children. The flyer is designed with double sided tape to enable it to be kept in a highly visible location in the family car.

At the assembly each Morris class was also presented with a Road Safety bear mascot and each class has been asked to decorate their bear with a road safety message for the school. Ultimately, we hope to also launch the program in the High School and Clemes campuses.

Road Safety Considerations around The Friends’ School 

  • When parking on the opposite side of Argyle Street or on Archer Street always remember to use the overpass.
  • Remember you can park on Stoke Street and Lewis Street and then walk the rest of the way, thus minimising congestion on Boa Vista Road and Argyle Street.
  • Do not park or stop on yellow lines and no standing zones; this is illegal.
  • Look out for students and other pedestrians.
  • Remember that stopping illegally on the roadside or even worse, in the middle of the road, to pick up and drop off students creates frustration for other motorists, creates bottlenecks in the traffic, blocks visibility for drivers entering or exiting driveways, encourages young students on to the road in heavy traffic to cross the road and puts our most valuable resources – our people – at risk.

We need to put the welfare of our community above our own
convenience – remember – If not for you, for them!










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