The Challenge

The Friends’ School is distinguished by its Quaker values and its community of exceptional students. Some families, however, do not have the financial means to afford a Friends’ education.

Philanthropy and equality have been core values of Friends’ and its community since the School was established in 1887. Gifting a merit or means-tested scholarship will make the Friends’ experience available to new students regardless of their financial circumstances, and support and extend the diversity of the student body.

Transforming student lives

You can help provide the scholarship funds required to enable the most deserving and talented students to be at Friends’ regardless of their capacity to pay. By supporting students through scholarships, you make an investment in young people who will influence and lead to positive change in the world.

“I always wanted to be a geologist, and the only way to get to where I wanted to be was through education. Friends’ put my life on a whole different path, if not for the opportunity”

– Justin Burns- Nicholls (2014), B.Sc. Mather Trust recipient

Kyle Fitzpatrick, 2016

“During my time at Friends’, I achieved more than I could have possibly hoped for. I achieved this by being the best person that I could be. That is what I am proud of, becoming a kind person, whose values lie with those of the school, and the amazing people within it.”

What Impact would your gift have?

Increased scholarship funds for students would:

  • attract and retain a diverse group of students including students from rural and regional areas, indigenous and refugee students
  • make the Friends’ experience available to students from many backgrounds regardless of their financial means
  • give students the opportunity to learn and live with outstanding and inspirational people
  • provide a young person with the same opportunity provided to past Friends’ students

Annie Chessells, Mather Trust recipient (Class of 2015)

“My teachers helped me discover a passion for learning and for the Humanities, which I now study at university. Without their guidance I would not be where I am today. I would not have had access to a Friends’ education without the generous support of the people who donate towards assisting students.”

Gifts and pledges (up to five years) can fund all or part of a scholarship. All gifts are tax-deductible. You can gift a scholarship for a specified period or in perpetuity. Merit or means-tested scholarships, given by individuals and families, are providing many young people with the opportunity they would otherwise not have had to learn at Friends’.

If you would like to discuss a scholarship or bursary format that matches your wishes and interests please do not hesitate to contact

Lucy Loney, Development Manager:
T: +61 3 6210 2203