The Friends' School

International Enrolment

To apply, please complete an Enrolment Enquiry and send it to The Friends’ School, Hobart or the representative in your country.

The representative will forward the application directly to the School.

The Friends’ School will provide you or your representative with a formal letter of offer and any special conditions of enrolment.

When the student fee is received an electronic ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ (e-CoE) form will be provided.

The e-CoE Form should be used to apply for a Student Visa.

When you have received a Student Visa you or your representative should inform the School and begin arrangements for travel.

When travel arrangements are complete full arrival details should be communicated to the Enrolment Administrator at the School.
Fee Paying and Enrolment Conditions

There is a placement fee of $100 which must accompany the application.

The School requires all students to attend an interview with a nominated agent of the School in the student’s home country, or with the Enrolment Administrator if in Australia.

A Letter of Offer is provided detailing the basis of the enrolment and any special conditions.

Enrolment is confirmed on receipt of the amount stated in the letter of offer and which includes all costs such as accommodation, uniform, text books, stationery, tuition and Overseas Student Health Cover. This payment then secures your place at The Friends’ School.

Once a student has been accepted and payment is received, the student will be deemed to be enrolled for that year.

Students are expected to commence classes at the beginning of term and to attend classes until the end of term. Exceptions may be approved with prior permission of the Principal.

When enrolment is for a period of less than one year, all fees are payable at time of enrolment. For enrolments of one year or more, fees will be charged three times per year and are payable in advance. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts.The fee includes accommodation, Overseas Student Health Cover, year one uniform, text book hire, stationery and tuition. All other costs are the responsibility of the student.

All international full fee paying students are required by the Australian Government to take out Overseas Students Health Cover. Overseas Students Health Cover is required to be paid for the full period of enrolment at the time of the initial payment of fees.


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