Richard Revell

Acts of kindness, and a generous bequest.

We are delighted to announce that the new Sports Centre on the Commercial Road Campus will be named, The Revell Sports Centre.  The Board of Governors endorsed a recommendation from the Present and Future Facilities Committee to name this new state-of-art facility after alumnus Richard Revell (1953), who attended The Friends’ School as a Boarder from 1950 to 1951.

Richard was a kind and enthusiastic supporter of sport and co-curricular at Friends’.  Although Richard had limited mobility and speech capacity, he made the most of his opportunities at school. As we have come to learn, Richard was ever present to support those who participated in Sport – Athletics and AFL come to mind through discussions with those who knew him. It appears that he so wanted to be involved in Sport but was unable to participate directly due to his physical limitations, so he supported others as he could.

During his time at Friends’, many acts of acceptance and kindness were shown towards Richard by his classmates and later, Richard was motivated to leave his entire estate to The Friends’ School in his Will. The new Sports Centre and WN Oats Centre transformation includes a significant improvement of equity of access on the campus.  This development is something that Richard would have appreciated and it will help more people to access and move throughout the campus.

This naming also presents an opportunity to acknowledge the generous contribution by Richard that promotes kindness, supporting everyone in their sporting pursuits and ultimately, the School’s motto, ‘Nemi Sibi Nascitur’ – No one is born for self alone.

The Revell Sports Centre was officially opened on Thursday 19 May 2022 at the inaugural Community Appreciation Day event. You can watch a video about the event and the opening, below.

This letter, gratefully received from friend and classmate the late John Hynde (1953), provides further insight.