Justin Burns-Nichols

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Justin Burns-Nichols grew up in Queenstown in the north-west of Tasmania.  From an early age, Justin knew he wanted to be a Geologist and that the only way to get where he wanted to go, was through education.

Justin’s family did not have the financial means to attend Friends’, however thanks to philanthropy from our community, Justin was given the opportunity to access a Friends’ education.

“Coming to Friends’, after being in Queenstown from Kindergarten to Year 10 with the same group of 25 people, was terrifying! But it also gave me some real-life experience.”

Justin thrived at Friends’, going on to complete a Geology degree at UTAS and completing a graduate position at the Henty Gold Mine back in his West Coast community.

Giving students like Justin access to a Friends’ education transforms lives.

But don’t take our word for it. In Justin’s own words:

“Friends’ put my life on a whole different path than it would have been if not for the opportunity.”