Class of 1992 Reunion

Posted on August 24, 2022

The Class of 1992 had their 30 year reunion in Hobart on Friday 12 August 2022. Director of Community Engagement, Bill Avery, hosted a personalised tour of the School for alumnus, Reia, due to other alumni unable to attend. They visited the new facilities currently under construction, and reminisced about different school spaces.

That evening, alumni convened at Boodle Beasley in North Hobart for a night of a fabulous night of memories, laughs and delicious food and drinks. Head students, Reia and Cam, made an impromptu speech, sharing in the gratitude of being able to gather and catch up after 30 years and reflecting on those loved schoolmates who have sadly passed.

The atmosphere in the room was so warm and friendly and it was wonderful to see so many connections and reconnections being made amongst our alumni community.

Please enjoy some snapshots from the night.