Crunching Numbers

Posted on July 22, 2022

By Jason McDonald, Head of Mathematics

In the world of Mathematics at The Friends’ School we have many co-curricular options for our students, from the Maths Association of Tasmania’s (MAT) annual Problem Solving Competition in Term 1, to the Maths Challenge (also in Term 1), to the Maths Enrichment in Term 2, to the Australian Mathematics Competition in Term 3, to the Maths Relays (also in Term 3) as well as the Urquhart competition for our Year 12 students in Term 4. 

The MAT Problem Solving Competition is an in-school competition for students in Years 5 – 12.  This competition is very challenging and is best suited to students who have an interest in mathematical puzzles and problems.  The 2022 competition has been run and won with The Friends’ School again achieving some great results, most notably our 1st placing in the Junior Division, Tobiasz Kozlowski, our second placing in the Intermediate Division, Zara Fenton, as well as third placing in the Intermediate Division, Isabel Adams.  Well done to all participants.   

Whilst we are still awaiting our Maths Challenge results to be finalised for 2022, the students undertaking the Maths Enrichment Competition are well into their 12-week competition, with students undertaking on average one problem per week over this time.  Good luck to all participants. 

AMC in The Farrall Centre, 2021

With Term 3 nearly upon us, it is that time of the year for our second inaugural ‘Maths Week’.  From the 1st – 5th August, students can engage in different activities involving Mathematics, such as a ‘Pi’ reciting competition, Anamorphic Art, Maths displays in both the Clemes and High School Libraries, attend a Maths in Craft session or get your tutor group’s maths brains working together to solve a daily Maths problem.  This week’s no.1 ticket item is where we will have close to 250 students participate in the largest Maths competition in the nation, the Australian Maths Competition (AMC), which demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives.  On Thursday, 4th August, The Farrall Centre and the Clemes library will be full of like-minded Mathematicians, solving their way through the 30 problems in the 75-minute timeframe.  We wish all participants the very best of luck and hope to see you at one of the Maths Week activities.