Leaving & New Staff

Posted on December 18, 2020

The last term of any school year brings the inevitable staff changes with retirements, resignations and periods of leave.  Each person listed below has made a contribution to the lives of many students’ educational journey. We thank those staff leaving us for their dedicated service to the School and wish them joy and happiness in a new chapter in their lives.  

Staff Departing in Term 4, 2020

Mia Barwick – Accountant (14.5 years)
Paul Goodluck – Co-Head of High School and Head of Hodgkin House (30 years)
Jess Hastie – HS Learning Support Assistant (5 years)
Nicola Hughes – Outdoor Education Teacher (9 years)
Anne Lynch – Dean of Students   (20 years)
Peter Mason – Morris Teacher (19 years)
Nick Maxwell – Ceramics & Art Aide  (15 years)
Ros Moult – Business Coordinator Friends’ Early Learning  (13 years)
Lisa Murphy – Japanese Teacher  (2 years)
Marg Reid – Music Teacher (10 years)
Zach Sonstegaard – Technology Teacher   (7 years)
Jim Vaughan – Technology Teacher   (29 years)

At the start of Term 1 2021, we look forward to welcoming new staff throughout the School.  It is an exciting time for these new community members and the students and colleagues who will benefit from their teaching and contributions.  Our community looks forward to welcoming them all in January 2021.

New Staff Commencing in Term 1, 2021

Melanie Agustina – Morris Classroom Teacher
Erin Barnes – Morris Classroom Teacher
Adam Blackburn – Health & PE Teacher
Samuel Brain – Outdoor Education Teacher
Peta-Jane Buchanan – Morris Health & PE / Japanese Teacher
Susan Castley – Business & Systems Accountant
Kylie Garratt – Outdoor Education Teacher
Catherine Gray – E-12 Director of Teaching & Learning
Lainey James – Science Teacher
Marissa King – Japanese Teacher
Hilary Morgan – Music Teacher
Sarah Ogilvie – Principal’s Office Executive Officer
Philip Parsons – Financial Services Manager
Phil Rogers – E-12 Director of Teaching & Learning
Jillian Romoser – Morris EAL/D Teacher
Michael Walker – Teaching Assistant, Design & Technology
Heidi Wiebke – Morris Classroom Teacher