Crazy Socks 4 Docs

Posted on June 15, 2020

Article by Holly Jennings (Year 12)

On the Friday 12 June, Morris – Friends’ Primary Years – wore funky, colourful and quirky socks to raise money and awareness for doctors and frontline workers. ‘Crazy socks 4 Docs’ day happens nationwide on the first Friday of June, however the Morris campus decided to celebrate this day on the following Friday. 

The idea of this day happening at school was suggested by Year 6 student, Isabel Jolley. Isabel has been taking part in the day for four years as her parents are doctors. She originally spoke to her teacher to see if she could wear crazy socks on the day, and her teacher encouraged her to go and talk to Mark Febey (Head of Morris) about making it a Morris-wide event. 

Isabel Jolley (Year 6) showing us her Crazy Socks!

Isabel knows how hard doctors work and this year more than ever she has seen the effects of the pandemic in her own home. As well as the dedicated day, Isabel explained that we need to show more appreciation for frontline workers all the time and to not forget that they need our ongoing support.   

On Friday, Isabel was very surprised to see so many students around Morris wearing crazy socks. She also made sure the students knew why they were wearing funky socks and attached the message with the gesture of the socks. Isabel is hoping to make Socks 4 Docs Day an annual event throughout the whole school.