Clemes Academic Awards Afternoon Tea

Posted on February 17, 2020

Last week we celebrated the academic achievements of our 2019 Clemes students at the  Clemes Academic award ceremony. Prize winners heard from 2015 Alumni and 2020 Tasmanian Rhodes Scholar, Oliver Gales, before receiving their certificates of recognition. Oliver encouraged students to be open to new ideas and to take opportunities on offer and to draw inspiration from those around them in order to make a positive difference. We look forward to seeing how our students at Clemes use their knowledge to ‘let their lives speak.’

Oliver Gales (2015 Alumni) was the guest speaker at this year’s Clemes Academic Awards

The afternoon was made even more memorable by a special visit from Bob Annells (1965 Alumni and Grandson of Charles Annells) who came by to congratulate this year’s Charles Annells’ Award recipient, Lottie Frohmader.
The Charles Annells award is awarded to the most outstanding Year 11 student in English and at least one Humanities or Languages subject.

Bob Annells with Lottie Frohmader at the Clemes Awards Afternoon Tea

Full List of Award Recipients

2019 Honour Boards for Academic Excellence over a range of disciplines
Palmam Quae (best all-round academic female)
Lucy Balmforth

Palmam Qui (best all-round academic male)
Henry Ralph

Evan Williams (Most outstanding Y11 students in one Mathematics
and at least one Science subject)
Matilda O’Donoghue

Charles Annells (Most outstanding Y11 student in English and at least
one Humanities or Languages subject)
Lottie Frohmader

2019 Honour Boards and Awards for Academic Excellence in a single discipline
Alex Nightingale (Biology) – Amelia Bentley
Tom Lord (Chemistry) – Isaiah Sadiq
Dora Pedder (English) – Jonah Thiessen
H G and M E Chambers Board (Languages) – Max Powell
Lilian Sharp (Mathematics) – Isaiah Sadiq
Bill Chambers (Physics) – Jacques Baron
Old Scholars Performing Arts Prize – Maisy Butchart

2019 Awards for Academic Excellence in a single discipline
Tasmanian Certificate of Education

Art Production – Julia Mountain
Art Studio Practice – Amelia Newman
Art Theory and Criticism – Julian Clarke
Asian Studies – Amy Brook
Biology – Talia Neuberger
Chinese Specialised – Minghuan (Chris) Qi
Computer Science – Yash Patil
Drama – Charlotte Rogers
Economics – Lucy Balmforth
English – Lucie Vaughan
English Literature – Henry Rheinberger
Environmental Science – Willow Ingram
French – Declan Knight
German – Lilli Boucher
Mathematics General – Juliette Cayoun
Mathematics Methods 315 – Jue (Jenny) Wang
Mathematics Methods 415 – Max Powell
Mathematics Specialised – Isaiah Sadiq
Media Production – Eloise Griffin
Music Foundation Practical Studies 113 – Charlotte Rogers
Music Technology Project 110 – Steven Shen
Music Technology Project 111 – Michael Irwin
Object Design – Rose Castle
Outdoor Leadership – Charlie Potter
Physical Sciences – James Arnott
Sport Science – Lucy Balmforth
Studies of Religion – Emily Heathcote

International Baccalaureate
Biology SL – Kaavya Bhattarai
Chemistry HL – Emily Taylor
Chemistry SL – Digory McCormack
English Language and Literature HL – Tessa Harris
Environmental Systems and Societies – Joshua Allen
Extended Essay – Mackenzie Gossage
French B HL – Emilie Ayre
Mathematics Studies – Angus Bylsma
Philosophy HL – Tessa Harris
Philosophy SL – Amelia Neylon / Archie Sullivan
Physics HL – Emily Taylor
Theory of Knowledge – Kaavya Bhattarai

Outstanding Academic Achievement over a range of subjects – 2019 Year 12 Students
Lucy Balmforth
Jacques Barons
Amelia Bentley
Jack Beswick
Sophie Cooling
Harry Driessen
Amy Enkelaar
Henry Ralph
Lily Rohner
Isaiah Sadiq
Jonah Thiessen
Lucie Vaughan
Yining (Helen) Zhu

Outstanding Academic Achievement over a range of subjects – 2019 Year 11 Students
James Arnott
Isabelle Beggs
Lilli Boucher
Angus Bylsma
Flynn Bradbury
Rose Castle
Millicent Coleman
Georgina Davy
Alexander Exarhakos
Lottie Frohmader
Eloise Griffin
Griffin Hooper
Sarah Jack
Declan Knight
Ansel Luk
Jaydon Luk
Julia Mountain
Amelia Neylon
Matilda O’Donoghue
Adam Painter
Yash Patil
Sophia Pauchet
Max Powell
Henry Rheinberger
Charlotte Rogers
Alexandra Sheard
Mia Sweet
Lucas Wigston