Alison Foley Joins eXXpedition

Posted on September 25, 2019

Old Scholar Ali Foley (1995 Leaver) is the founder of Ten Little Pieces, an environmental organisation that encourages people to collect ten pieces of plastic rubbish from wherever they are at any time, to reduce the amount of plastic that is polluting our environment.

Ali has been selected as one of 300 women to crew an around the world sailing mission to research and advocate solutions to plastic pollution.

Over 2 years, eXXpedition Round The World will bring together artists, activists, media experts, educators, mothers and change-makers to raise awareness and develop collaborative partnerships as part of a global network of ambassadors all connected by a shared passion to protect our oceans.

Ali will be joining Leg 11 (Tonga to Fiji) in May 2020 to travel 500 nautical miles through waters and islands affected by debris that is accumulating in the Southern Pacific Gyre.

Check out her video here.