The Friends' School

Wellbeing with Technology

Teachers and students of The Friends’ School operate in a technology-rich environment. The School supports students as they use computing devices and networks in an effective, creative, responsible and discerning manner.

Educators must instil some basic rules – a ‘hygiene of connectivity’ in the next generation. We need to highlight disconnection as something to be longed for, a positive feature of life. We need to teach them ways to manage their connectivity, so that they become the master of their connections, not servants. And we need to be able to set the example in our own actions. If we do that, we can give the next generation an important insight into how to be whole in a hyperconnected world. (Mark Pesce, 2011, Hyperconnected Education)

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In order to develop student wellbeing in their use of technology, a number of policies and programs are in place. Age-appropriate guidelines and recommendations are in place for staff, student and parents’ smart, safe and respectful use of technologies for learning and communicating. These can be found in the following documents: CLE School Devices, Educational Use, Digital Citizenship and Computer Use Agreement,Technology Use Agreements.

Each year a series of presentations to students and parents are conducted, depending on emerging needs. These have included a Digital Footprint presentation for Years 11 and 12, a presentation for Year 5-6 from cybersafety expert Brett Lee, a screen-free fundraising day, Dr Geoff Donegan’s Sleep and Screentime presentation, ThinkUKnow internet safety presentation, Leonie Smith the Cyber Safety Lady as part of Year 10 Connections/Wellbeing program, Developing or working through Computer Use agreement and guidelines documents, Wellbeing with IT, Brain research – Year 8, When Multi-Tasking Works – difference between types of activities, Plagiarism / Academic Honesty session for parents and students.

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