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Curriculum programs with focus on wellbeing

Student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development and this is optimised by the provision of safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. ( )

At Morris

At Morris there is a Social and Emotional Learning Scope and Sequence that guides the explicit teaching of this subject matter both within and outside the Programme of Inquiry. At each year level students explore the same five composite skills at developmentally appropriate levels. These five composite skills are:

  • Self Awareness – identifying emotions, recognising strengths
  • Social Awareness – perspective taking, appreciating diversity
  • Self Management – managing emotions, expressing emotions appropriately, goal setting
  • Responsible Decision Making – analysing situations, assuming personal responsibility, respecting others, problem solving
  • Relationship skills – communication, building relationships, negotiation, refusal.

Additional externally provided programs support this scope and sequence. These include:

Landscape painting 5In the High School

All students in the High School participate in Health Theory as a component of Health and Physical Education. Some of the topics covered in these programs include: Harm Minimisation; Resilience; Decision Making; Mental Health, Risk Taking; Sexuality; Values; Relationships; and Leadership.

The Year 7 Health theory program has a strong emphasis on developing positive social skills.

The Year 8 Health theory program explores positive social skills and personal growth.

The Year 9 Health theory course incorporates topics focussing on the students’ personal and social development.

The Year 10 Health theory course centres on Youth Empowerment and Future Life Choices.

A Connections program is run each year in the High School. Major foci of this program include developing effective groups and group working skills, establishing a sense of belonging, undertaking interdisciplinary projects and developing mindfulness.

During the first three weeks of Year 7, students are introduced to the practice and benefits of mindfulness using the Learning to BREATHE  curriculum.

June Small Brain WeekThe major Connections event in Year 8 is Brain Week including a full day with John Joseph.

A two-day Wellness Program takes place for Year 9 students.

In Year 10 there are two major Connections activities held during the year. The first is the ABC Wellbeing program, which is loosely based on the ABC National Program for Good Mental Health  – Belong, Commit. The second is an end of year, optional program providing useful skills for success in Clemes. The program is diverse and includes a range of workshops and challenges. Some of the workshops relate directly to Wellbeing. Laughter Therapy, Headspace – café conversations and Positive Relationships are some of those.




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