The Friends' School

Year 7 Connections Program

Dimos Yannarakis & Tasman InglisThe Year 7 Connections Program is interwoven with teaching within the faculties of Arts, English, Health, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology. It allows for extended periods of time where students have responsibility for their own learning and the opportunity to pursue individual learning programs.

These inquiry-based programs provide opportunities for students to think creatively and to link learning across subject areas in new and exciting ways. The School believes these skills are vital for young people to live well and contribute productively in uncertain futures.

The program is offered to Year 7 students as part of their transition into High School, extending the inquiry-based learning that occurs in the primary years at Friends’ as part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Connections activities include:

  • Learning to Breathe Mindfulness ProgramDSC05948
  • camping at Far South
  • the Science-based activity ‘Paper Pilots’, exploring Forces
  • ‘Walk in Her Shoes’, where students explore the impact of accessing clean drinking water in some communities
  • puppet-making
  • nutrition
  • excursion to a sea salt industry
  • family history
  • statistics.

The program culminates with a Film Week, which requires students to produce a short film that demonstrates all of the skills they have acquired during the year. Students are required to work cooperatively and collaboratively to produce the films, which are up to three minutes long and produced within specified parameters. 

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