The Friends' School

Years 7 – 12 Course Information

The Year 7-8 Course BookYear 9-10 Course Book and Year 11-12 Course Book provide information on all courses offered at The Friends’ School, with individual descriptions of subjects within the eight faculty areas.

The Friends’ School also sets aside one day each week for Year 7 students to participate in the Connections Program. The Year 7 Connections Program reflects the School’s striving for a curriculum that moves beyond teaching for knowledge and understanding, towards a curriculum that includes exploration of values and ethics. The Connections Program seeks to provide our students with a personal connection to the School’s Purpose and Concerns.


Curriculum Statement

Our intention at The Friends’ School is to enable students to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need in:

Learning for Living

  • Living in a rapidly changing society and contributing to it.

Learning to Value

  • Valuing the natural world, the creations of humankind and humanity itself.


We seek to develop these through the challenges, issues and relationships that are an integral part of:

The World We Live In

  • Societies and physical environments
  • Developing a global view –  our place in society and time
  • Becoming a global citizen

The Quality of Life

  • Forming and maintaining relationships
  • Effective use of leisure time
  • Preparation for paid and unpaid work
  • Maintaining and promoting physical, mental, social and spiritual health

The Human Experience

  • Making sense and gaining an understanding of people and the world:
    – from various perspectives
    – through all disciplines
    – by systematic means.


Within these contexts, we recognise the particular importance of students developing skills in Communication and Managing Technology, as well as acquiring an essential Core of Knowledge and Understanding.

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