The Friends' School

Years 7 – 12 Course Information

The Year 7-8 Course Book, Year 9-10 Course Book and Year 11-12 Course Book provide information on all courses offered at The Friends’ School, with individual descriptions of subjects within the eight faculty areas.

The Friends’ School also sets aside one day each week for Year 7 students to participate in the Connections Program. The Year 7 Connections Program reflects the School’s striving for a curriculum that moves beyond teaching for knowledge and understanding, towards a curriculum that includes exploration of values and ethics. The Connections Program seeks to provide our students with a personal connection to the School’s Purpose and Concerns.

Learning Principles

Students learn best when …

They engage academically

  • Students know what success looks like, and where it leads to
  • Students make connections and construct meaning for themselves
  • Students experience success and identify progress made
  • Students learn from mistakes through meaningful reflection
  • Students connect new concepts with previous learning
  • Students receive constructive feedback that leads to action
  • Students are active and curious in their play and learning
  • Students are organised and prepared
  • Students have a voice in their learning
  • Students and educators are interacting, questioning and communicating collaboratively
  • Teachers design engaging learning experiences with multiple entry points
  • Staff model a passion for learning

They are in a comfortable physical and emotional environment

  • Students have confidence that they will be respected if they take a risk
  • Students are challenged to consider alternative perspectives
  • Students know that their physical and mental health is supported
  • Students are intrinsically motivated to take action
  • Students believe physically and mentally that they can
  • Students’ physical comforts are being addressed with a focus on simplicity
  • Students and teachers value the importance of the learning environment both inside and out
  • Students and teachers recognise the need for equity

They feel safe, secure and valued socially, culturally and spiritually

  • Students trust the relationship, knowledge, skills and intent of other students and teachers
  • Students’ differences are acknowledged, respected and responded to appropriately
  • Students know that their peers respect them
  • Students develop a strong sense of self
  • Students are not judged
  • Students value sharing their learning
  • Students maintain their sense of curiosity and wonder of the world around them
  • Students acknowledge and understand that there is something greater in the world around them
  • Students’ voice is respected, listened to and considered
  • Staff support all parents regarding the culture and context of learning at Friends’
  • Staff embrace building relationships with all families
  • Staff enact consistent expectations
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