The Friends' School

Year 9 & 10 Outdoor Education

Year 9 and 10 expeditions are self-catered and promote self-sufficiency.
They offer students a choice from a wide range of challenging adventure activities, such as white water rafting, bushwalking and mountain biking.

The Year 9 Outdoor Education program includes a week-long program where students may potentially participate in one of:

  • Bushwalking the Three Capes Track
  • Bushwalking to Lake Rhona
  • Sea Kayak in the Channel
  • Mountain Biking at Derby
  • Rafting on the Huon.

The Year 10 Outdoor Education Program includes options listed below. Students can indicate interest in:

  • Mountain Biking Weekend
  • Ultra-light Journey Weekend
  • Winter Skills Weekend
  • End of Year program.

The Tassie Icon tours are offered to students in term breaks, although numbers are limited.

Students can indicate their interest in participating in:

  • The Overland Track
  • Schouten Sea Kayaking
  • Maria Island
  • Tassie Tour.









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