The Friends' School

Health Faculty

Friends’ is a health-promoting school and a holistic approach is taken to the study of Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Education. Social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health are the foci of the teaching and learning in all areas of this curriculum. Students are encouraged to value, maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The components of the Health and Physical Education Education Framework are delivered through structured classes, both practical and theoretical as well as Outdoor Education experiences.

In practical classes students undertake a range of different physical education activities that are challenging and engaging, involving a wide variety of movement environments.

The Years 7 to 10 program offers a scaffolded experience for our students so that they develop mastery of a range of motor skills that will enable them to participate in complex games and sports. Students work enthusiastically and collaboratively in large and small team situations as well as completing individual tasks. Throughout the program students undertake units in Aquatics and Water Safety, Athletics, Bicycle Education, Body and Spatial Awareness, Fitness, Dance and a variety of individual and team sports.

There is an inter-relationship between the work covered in both theory and practical Health and Physical Education classes. In theory students explore a variety of topics that consider coping strategies, responsible practices, self-responsibility, body awareness and personal identity. Students who have an interest in factors governing sports performance are also able to choose Sports Science, an elective course in Years 9 and 10. This course considers the general principles of fitness and the science of applied training.

The Health and Physical Education faculty support the following pre-tertiary units provided for our Year 11 and 12 students – Health Studies, Sports Science and Outdoor Leadership. Other courses available to our senior students include Athlete Development, Physical Recreation,
Outdoor Education, Outdoor Experience (incorporating weekend activity programs) and a variety of short courses including Physical Recreation, Tennis, Personal Fitness, and Yoga.

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