The Friends' School

English Faculty


English at Friends’ aims to build students’ skills in effective communication, analytical thinking and in engaging imaginatively with ideas about texts, language, human experiences and the world around them.

The High School English syllabuses reflect the Australian Curriculum framework, which is built around the three inter­-related strands of Language, Literature and Literacy.

Together, these strands focus on developing students’ skills in reading, viewing, listening, writing, speaking and creating texts.

Students are encouraged to read widely, to develop an appreciation of literature, to enter imaginatively into fictional worlds and the points of view of others, and to develop skills to analyse texts and language critically.

English is a core subject in Years 7-10. There are also three electives that students can choose:

  • Film Appreciation
  • Writes Creatively
  • Literature.

In Years 11 and 12, students can choose any of the following TCE subjects:

  • General English
  • English
  • EAL/D
  • Literature
  • Writing.

They can also choose from three IB subjects:

  • Language and Literature
  • Literature
  • Language B.


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