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Drama2Drama in Morris is incorporated into the curriculum of individual classes and features heavily in periodic class and Morris-based plays and dramatic presentations.

In the High School, Year 7 students enjoy an introductory Drama course, then from Year 8 onwards may select Drama as an elective Arts subject.

The curricular program is developmental, skills based and informed by a rigorous study of theatre history, with particular attention given to the expressive use of spoken language, drama, movement and the technical elements of theatre.

Students are involved in working co-operatively and creatively with others to explore social and global issues, attitudes and opinions in order to shape material for presentation to specific audiences.

IMG_1570Drama continues to be a popular elective subject in Years 11 and 12 with a number of students enrolled in either International Baccalaureate Diploma’s Theatre two-year course, or one of several TCE Syllabuses. Theatre productions stemming from both courses are performed regularly throughout the school year.

Our students enjoy making effective use of the Bill and Marjorie Oats Theatre, which is located on the Commercial Road campus of the School.

The Drama curriculum is complemented by a range of co-curricular drama programs, which include biannual senior and middle school musicals, short courses in the technical elements of theatre, Shakespeare troupes and the ever-popular, annual House Drama competition.



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For more information about Drama at Friends’ please contact Tammy Giblin, Head of the Arts Faculty and Head of Drama.


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