The Friends' School


Students gain experience in dance in many sections of the School. As a kinaesthetic art form it is a natural and meaningful way for students to express themselves and ideas. Students will engage in a range of Dance activities as a component of Physical Education, Music, Drama and Connections.

This allows them to develop coordination through a fun and creative form of exercise. Students with a keen interest in dance can also participate in activities such as the House Dance competition, or in the biennial musicals.

We have a specialist dance program in the High School in Years 8 to 10 in which students acquire basic technique for a range of styles from classical to hip hop.

Dance at Friends’ is not just about developing dance technique but is also about moving in creative ways through dance-making and student-based choreography, and enhancing performance skills. Students can then elect to study Dance in Years 11 & 12 and continue to develop their skills to a
pre-tertiary level.

For more information about Dance at Friends’ contact Casey-Rae McCrickard.




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