The Friends' School

Prominent Athletes

The Friends’ School is proud that many Old Scholars have competed as elite athletes around the world. We invite contributions to these pages.

Friends’ Alumni Olympians

Sam Beltz
Rowing: (2012 London, 2008 Athens); Australian representative (World Rowing Championships Slovenia 2011 Gold Medallist); Friends’ 1998 alumni

Caryn Davies
Rowing: (2012 London Gold Medallist, 2008 Beijing Gold Medallist, 2004 Athens Silver Medallist), USA representative (World Rowing Championships Munich 2007 – four times Gold Medallist, Eton 2006, Milan 2003, Seville 2002, Zagreb 2000); Friends’ 1999 alumni

Kerry Hore
Rowing: (2016 Rio de Janeiro, 2004 Athens Bronze Medallist); Australian representative (World Rowing Cup Lucerne 2002, World Rowing Championships Milan 2003 Gold Medallist ); Friends’ 1999 alumni


Kate Hornsey

Kate Hornsey
Rowing: (2012 London Silver Medallist, 2008 Beijing); Australian representative (World Rowing Championships Eton 2006 dual Gold Medallist, Gifu 2005); Friends’ 1999 alumni

Eddie Ockenden
Hockey: (2016 Rio de Janeiro, 2012 London dual Bronze Medallist, 2008 Beijing); Australian representative (Hockey World Cup The Hague dual Gold Medallist, New Delhi 2010); Friends’ 2005 alumni

Cameron Wurf
Rowing: (2004 Athens); Australian representative road cyclist; Friends’ 2001 alumni

Meaghan Volker
Rowing: (2016 Rio de Janeiro); Australian Representative; Friends’ 2008 alumni

Friends’ Alumni Australian Representatives

Kate Eckhardt
Friends’ 2015 alumni canoeist

Hugh Edwards
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower

Ella FleckerRowers 2001
Friends’ 2006 alumni rower

Kaspar Hebblewhite
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower

Mollie Hill
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower

Eleni Kalimnios
Friends’ 2013 alumni rower

Anthony Males
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower

Max McQueeney
Friends’ 2010 alumni rower


Robert Oakley                                David Rattray
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower            Friends’ 1954 alumni rower

Sam Volker                                      Claire Shield
Friends’ 2010 alumni rower             Friends’ 1999 alumni rower

Sam Waley
Friends’ 2001 alumni rower

Friends’ Alumni Professional Sportsmen

Max Walker
12/9/1948 – 28/9/2016

Friends’ 1966 alumni footballer and cricketerMax Walker 3
Played 85 games for Melbourne Football Club
Played 34 Test matches for Australia
Member of Australian World Series Cup Cricket Team from 1977 – 1979
Member of the Australian One Day International Cricket Team
Played 34 Test matches for Australia
Author of 14 books (1 million plus sales)
TV/Radio presenter
Professional speaker in Australia and overseas



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