The Friends' School

Clemes (Years 11–12)

The Friends’ School’s senior secondary campus (Years 11 and 12) is called Clemes (pronounced ‘Cleems’) named for the School’s founding Headmaster, Samuel Clemes (1887 to 1900). Clemes is on the Argyle Street campus of the School and is home to nearly 330 students.

The curriculum at Clemes offers students a choice of studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the Tasmanian Certificate of Education, or Vocational Education and Training programs.

Students at Clemes are encouraged to take part in a range of co-curricular and service activities.

Pastoral care at Clemes centres on 19 small tutor groups of mixed Year 11 and 12 students. The tutor supports students throughout their time at Friends’, maintaining an overview of their educational progress, and any issues affecting their school life and academic development.

At Clemes, we aim to provide an environment that achieves these student outcomes.

For more information on what Clemes has to offer please contact the Head of Clemes, Adam Chambers or check the information available in the sidebar.


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