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Gillian Triggs

Gillian Triggs delivered the third Peter Underwood Peace and Justice Lecture on Friday 8 June 2018.

Gillian graduated in Law from the University of Melbourne in 1968 and gained a PhD in 1982. She has combined an academic career with international commercial legal practice and worked with governments and international organisations advising on human rights law.

She served as President of the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2012 until July 2017. Prior to that, she held a number of significant positions, including Dean of the Faculty of Law and the Challis Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney, Director of the British Institution of International and Comparative Law and as a Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne.  She is focussed on the implementation in Australian law of the human rights treaties to which Australia is a party, and on working with nations in the Asia Pacific region on practical approaches to human rights.

A video of the full lecture can be viewed here.



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