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Late in Term 4 details are published regarding arrangements for purchasing booklist requirements for the following year.

During the Year

At times during the year, students in Years 7-12 may need to purchase additional items and for this we operate a cashless system whereby students can shop for stationery and books from The School Shop and have the purchased charged to the family fees account. Students will need their library card for ID.

There are three ways for students to make these purchases:

In Person at The School Shop

The Shop is open three mornings before school and two afternoons after school each week. See the opening schedule.
*Please remember High School students cannot leave campus during the day without permission from the High School Office.

TFS Go App

If you use the TFS Go app you can place your order via app and Shop staff will prepare and deliver your order to the High School or Clemes Office for collection.


Send your order by email and have it delivered to the High School or Clemes Office for collection –
Please to include the following details:
*Your name
*Your tutor group
*Your student ID number (this 5 digit number is on your library card under the barcode)
*The quantity and description of items you require (for example: Can I please have 2 blue pens and 1 ruler)
If it is a text book then please include the year you are in and the subject name so we can ensure you receive the correct book and edition (for example: Can I please have a copy of the Year 7 French workbook)
The address to send your email order to is:

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