The Friends' School


Group of teenage boys and girls in libraryImmense opportunity, complex challenge and rapid change – this is the future! At The Friends’ School, we believe our young people will thrive if they are life-long learners with personal and inter-cultural understanding and respect. Library staff and class teachers focus on the whole child as they work together to achieve two fundamental goals:

  1. Information fluency: we help our students ‘learn how to learn’, to think critically and to be effective users of information and technology so they can adapt and grow throughout their personal and working lives.
  1. A love of reading: we foster an understanding that stories help us connect with others and make sense of our world. They help us live many more lives than our own, and develop personal insight and empathy as we see the world through the eyes of others!

Boy and girl in school uniform in libraryTwo young female students reading a book together

Boy with laptop in a library









We have three libraries at The Friends’ School, covering Kinder – Year 6, Femal school student taking a book from shelf in libraryYears 7– 10 and Years 11– 12, and they are a fundamental part of our curriculum.

Students and teachers have ready access to qualified library specialists and a substantial print and digital collection through regularly timetabled lessons, opening hours that include before school, after school and lunchtimes each day, and a library website that can be accessed from anywhere.

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