The Friends' School

Boat Sheds

Although the June 1930 Echoes notes that… “A site for a clubhouse has been discussed… and plans are being prepared,” it was not until 1963 that the school established its own boat shed. In the early years, the boat shed and facilities of the Derwent Rowing Club, and then the Mercantile Rowing Club at Cornelian Bay, were used.

The move to establish the current sheds on the Lallaby road reserve was first mentioned the 1961 Echoes. It was a project “in hand or at the planning stage” in 1962 and the sheds were opened on Saturday 2 November 1963. Rowing supporters raised £2,500 which was approximately half the cost of the materials for the shed.

Much of the Lallaby Road Reserve is reclaimed land, with the original high water mark being close to the edge of the existing road and turning circle. A 1955 survey drawing shows the location of the wrecks of the schooner Monarch and Beautiful Star to be below the current car parking area.

View from a building across a large river in the early morning.

Continual upgrading of the facilities at Lallaby Road has occurred since 1963. The latest addition including new showers, toilets, kitchen and a wonderful new gathering space opened in December 2007.

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