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What is the IB Diploma?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is two-year course of study with internal and external assessment for post-secondary school pathways, especially university entrance. It is recognised by universities in over 138 countries (including all Australian tertiary institutions) and taught in more than 2000 schools in over 135 countries. More than 121 schools in Australia now offer the IB Diploma while Friends’ is the only school currently offering the Diploma programme in Tasmania.

The Diploma programme offers a broad and balanced course of study with students taking six subjects chosen from six discipline groups. To make up these six subjects a student must choose a literature subject and a second language, and a maths subject (including a general maths), select three other subjects and complete a set of activities called the Core subjects. With the right subject selections the programme offers flexibility to suit a student’s interests and anticipated career paths while retaining the broad approach integral to the world-wide success of the IB Diploma programme.

Regardless of the subject choices and course structure the IB Diploma is an ideal preparation for a globalized, interconnected world with a key emphasis on critical thinking and International-mindedness

Taking the IB Diploma at Friends

At The Friends’ School, we are offering a wide range of subjects within the IB Diploma, so that each student should be able to find a course to suit his or her talents and aspirations.

The School offers some exciting course structures such as a ‘Double Diplomas’ which enable a student to focus on a key area of interest. For example, a student can take two arts subjects, two sciences, two humanities subjects as part of your six subjects. Conversely, with the right selections a student does not have to take a traditional science or humanities subject or an arts subject.

In addition, for students uncertain if the IB is suited to them, an IB/TCE preparatory pathway is offered in Year 11 to allow the option to gain either qualification in Year 12.

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