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The Diploma and Tertiary Entrance

The IB Diploma is particularly suited to students wanting to pursue tertiary studies and qualifications, wherever they wish to study. The quality of IB Diploma graduates is recognised worldwide. In Australia, all major universities, including the University of Tasmania, accept the IB Diploma as a University Entrance qualification. They specify IB Diploma prerequisites for particular courses and use a standard conversion table to compare IB Diploma scores to scores obtained within the various states’ pre-tertiary examination systems, including Tasmania’s TE score. Other tertiary institutions welcome applications from IB Diploma students.

Up-to-date details of IB Diploma recognition at each of Australia’s tertiary institutions is available on the International Baccalaureate’s own website, especially their Recognition of IB diploma for admission to universities and colleges section. The University of Tasmania, a common destination for our graduates, has a yearly IB Admissions Guidelines Booklet available for consultation.

Internationally, there is ready access to university study at all of the major institutions in the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America, Africa and within the Asia Pacific region. These universities already have formal agreements with the IB, and understand the meaning of a particular score on the IB Diploma.

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