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Seven Good Reasons for Doing the IB Diploma

  1. You want to go to university and do well there.

The IB Diploma is an excellent university entrance qualification which is recognised by the University of Tasmania, all interstate universities and major universities worldwide. Moreover, the assessment style of the IB Diploma is close to the assessment style of universities. In both, you do one or a few large assignments and end of course exams. You learn to write good essays and to reference them correctly. Some Australian universities allow advanced entry based on results in IB Diploma HL subjects. Recent research in South Australia indicates that there is “a strong correlation between IB Diploma results and higher education achievements”.

  1. You want to get a good tertiary entrance score, and you want to know in advance what you have to do to get it.

Australian IB Diploma students have performed remarkably well in the IB Diploma. Indeed, they have the best results of any country in the world. IB Diploma subjects are not scaled, so you know in advance what you need to do to get the score you want. The worth of your result depends solely on the work that you do, and not on how well others do, or on who else chooses your subject. To get the top score in an IB Diploma subject does not require perfection – on average, around 75% is enough to gain a Grade 7.

  1. You are serious about your study.

You want to do well and you are prepared to work. In the IB Diploma, you will do around the same amount of work as any serious student would. However, you do not have to prepare for external exams in Year 11, when you could be learning more. All your classmates in IB classes will be similarly serious about their study.

  1. You want to spend your time learning.

In the IB Diploma, almost all the work that you do is to assist you to learn, not to assess what you have already learned and add it to your award. You have the chance to mess things up and learn from it without it all counting towards your final result. You have plenty of time to get things right before you have to perform in exams or internal assessment.

  1. You are excited by the idea of choosing a research project all of your own from any subject, and of learning to write a formal report on it.

You can see yourself getting really excited about a question and finding out all about it on your own, with backup guidance from a teacher. You like the idea that this will train you well for the type of essay writing done in universities.

  1. You are interested in how it all fits together.

You want to know how knowledge works, and to spend time exploring this with like minded people. You would love to have a class in which you just chase up all the interesting little sidelines of knowledge, or explore an issue freely, rather than have the teacher telling you what you need to think about. To quote one of our own IB Diploma graduates, “This is what every class should be like!”

TOK Lesson 1

  1. The IB Diploma opens up your intercultural understanding.

It is a mistake to think that the only international possibilities relate to where you go to university. The ‘international’ aspect of the IB is not just where the Diploma is studied but also in the content of the subjects. In a world that is growing smaller, an understanding of different cultures and contexts is essential and the IB Diploma provides a significant step to becoming ‘world aware’ and interconnected with it in a meaningful way.


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