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IBDP Research

A number of research reports suggest there may be benefits for students who have studied for the IB Diploma. Some reports that may be of particular interest to Australian students are provided below.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Alignment with the Australian Curriculum and Australian Qualifications Framework (2014) Mary Dixon, Claire Charles, Julianne Moss, Peter Hubber and Penelope Pitt, Deakin University


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Examining college readiness (2014) David Conley, PhD, Charis McGaughy, PhD, Whitney Davis-Molin, Rachel Farkas and Erin Fukuda, The Education Policy Improvement Center


Student perceptions of the value of the International Baccalaureate extended essay in preparing them for university studies (2013) University of Warwick (UK)


An investigation of postsecondary patterns and pathways of IB graduates in the Australian tertiary education sector (2012) Daniel Edwards and Catherine Underwood, ACER


Theory of knowledge (TOK): Exploring learning outcomes, benefits and perceptions (2014) Associate Professor David R Cole, Associate Professor Susanne Gannon, Dr Jacqueline Ullman and Mr Paul Rooney, University of Western Sydney



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